QuickScore Elite

QuickScore Elite 12

Music composition software for Microsoft Windows

QuickScore Elite is a powerful music composition software for Microsoft Windows. This comprehensive, integrated software is used for music composition, incorporating notation, arranging, MIDI and audio sequencing and recording.

This software allows you to make a publication-quality score, music for your computer desktop or world wide web, audio CDs, MP3s and soundtracks for film, videos or games.

This is valuable for all musicians no matter what instrument they play. QuickScore Elite provides you with a complete set of musical symbols including articulations, slurs, repeats, crescendos, decrescendos, groupings, fingerings, dynamics, line, circles, and box drawings.

With this tool you have access to a complete set of very realistic instrument sounds. QuickScore Elite also provides many features from fast shape notes and a full set of hand-bell and percussion symbols.